Yoga Poses to Help Body, Mind, and Spirit During the Lockdown

There are many yoga poses to help body, mind, and spirit during the "lockdown" of your day. This is a common occurrence and it seems to occur when you are at work or during a stressful event. The word "lockdown" is used here because in order to reach the maximum benefit out of these poses, you must learn how to relax and allow your body to go through the exercises. The main objective is to calm your body so that it can feel refreshed. There are some yoga poses that are meant to help promote a sense of well-being, while others will help calm your nerves. Whatever the situation, the yoga poses listed below can help you get through the stressful period of the day.

One of the yoga poses to help your body, mind, and spirit during the lockdown is called the Viharnasana, which means "wind in the eye." In this pose, you will position your entire body on the floor and lie back. Bring your knees to rest at both the ankle and your knees. Place your right hand on your left knee and then the left hand on your right knee. These two hands are placed on the floor as a symbol of balance.

Another yoga poses to help your body, mind, and spirit during the lockdown is the Ashtanga positions. In Ashtanga, or a Sanskrit term that translates to "eight limbs," you will do hundreds of lunges, twists, and turns. The first five positions are very strenuous, but as you move on to the last one you will be able to feel your body getting stronger. You will be able to use your abdominal muscles, back, shoulders, thighs, and feet. All of these positions are meant to assist you in moving more fluidly through your body and in the process you will feel better and sleep better at night.


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